Monday, 23 March 2009

Todays Advertising

A.A. Gill pointed out in his rather fond nostalgia piece over the weekend that, in the process putting the agencies, the named variety, at the elixir of capitalsim, advertising is boring.

Accompanied by a cheesy reminiscence of what used to be a 'cruise/drive'...with chripy blondes and a 'beardy'... the current advert by a far Eastern car brand, bellows that a car's brand owners will ulitmately dictate their preference of modernity, based on their opiate-roots, courtesy of the Great British Empire.

So, we're left with gormless grin for the camera' morons parading for their performance royalites, selling us. Yes, us, to sovereign wealth funds buying up the brands. Comedy was never so cheap and cheerful, laughing at idiots is now the wanton choice for viewing between slots of programs we actually want to see. Still, we should be grateful we're not in Oosa having to be exposed to this papp every 3 minutes.

What we buy, watch, give energy to comes back to us three fold, post the comical 'good v.evil' world of bish-bush... comedy may just get better and in these credo crunching times, cheaper.

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