Thursday, 30 April 2009

Working on the track

It doesn't matter where you are in the world, whether you are in the
office, on a train or sitting waiting for one, you can still catch up
with world events ON THE GO.

This is the new reality for the mobile entrepreneur, communication is
critical, excuses are not!!!

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Zvuri Middle East

To all the people who have emailed me regarding the "Zvuri Wallet" and when it is will be available in the Emirates??

There will be a forthcoming event launch in the Emirates in July 2009.

To take advantage of the Zvuri collection, i have managed to get my hands on the collection at a subsidised price!!

To take advantage of this offer, a "Zvuri Emirates" Facebook account has been set up so become a fan and you will be the first to know of the event!!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

IPhone for email

Twice as many brits email on the iphone than any other smartphone...

Stats from Comscore have revealed that 75% of UK iPhone users access their email on their phone - more than double the average for smartphones. The news kicks dirt in the eyes of critics who don't like the onscreen keyboard.


Monday, 30 March 2009

The Red Croc Bag

Mobile users, especially women, who have the Nokia N65 and Blackberry Storm or as the media has been going crazy about recently the Iphone being used by 65% of smartphone users to email..

I saw this beautiful Red Croc Bag on and mentioned it to my sister who loves bags.
The detail and craftsmanship is excellent as can be seen from the vibrant colour in the picture
Does this bag have an inside pocket for your mobile phone??
It is so difficult to keep rummaging through your bag trying to locate the phone, carrying shopping and eating a sandwich at the same time.
This has a similar material to the Alejandro Zvuri smartphone leather wallet on youtube..

Monday, 23 March 2009

Piece of Mind

Piece of Mind

We're not all 24 hour news channel journalists and usually things sent in a hurry require a clarification conversation anyway. So, ditch the blackberry 'commission closing mentality' and resort to your watch and timely breaks.

Perhaps in the modern era, nothing illustrates this more than the explosion of the 'status' of owning a blackberry or other, smartphone. Data entry is a 2 handed affair but, when being mobile, is quite another. The sell for the blackberry is usually a biz professional on the move, not literally, but usually sat, in transit at airports or train stations. In the real world, we abbreviate the message, yet, want to portray a professional response just in case the reply includes the original email sent from the blackberry! Too much abbreviation does lead to misunderstandings.
Voice clips are a handy way to convey this: the magic that Push To Talk was supposed to have promised...

Our methods of working have never been so teased with such ground-breaking technology. I'd really rather have a piece of paper with a simple list for those reminders, collate my thoughts and reply when its convenient to me.

'Let me get back to you in an hour', 'after lunch', 'by 4pm' are great templates to have in the phone, and then ensuring with our 4 o'clock sugar boost break we reply coherently to these messages on the move. Set these reminders in your phone you could even time them with your 'gratitude' breaks for greater success.

Try it. Its Free.

How Far to Web 3.0?

How far to Web 3.0?

Time again, for looking at the types of products I've seen on my travels.

Thinking about the value of a slave card, i quickly came to realise that to keep oneself free of bondage, conned custom givers ' consumers'... want peace of mind, even though there is quite a lot involved in then pursuing any claim regarding faulty goods or service albeit a further strain on one's time and energy.

So, sourcing, and building a relationship with one's 'trustees' /network requires the seller to further confirm, provide warranty and/or make up for shortcomings when a product is purchased.

Adding to the STRETCHED-fictitious plethora of benefits and uses relevant to that buyer - what do i as a customer actually want from a product or service? [in the case of a mobile, I really could care less about everything thrown on a mobile if I can't sms on it, or quickly add a calendar entry]. Hence, striving to source, maintain and follow up on a purchase is something that can be done via this new interface.

A handy service for a handier kind of card.