Monday, 23 March 2009

Piece of Mind

Piece of Mind

We're not all 24 hour news channel journalists and usually things sent in a hurry require a clarification conversation anyway. So, ditch the blackberry 'commission closing mentality' and resort to your watch and timely breaks.

Perhaps in the modern era, nothing illustrates this more than the explosion of the 'status' of owning a blackberry or other, smartphone. Data entry is a 2 handed affair but, when being mobile, is quite another. The sell for the blackberry is usually a biz professional on the move, not literally, but usually sat, in transit at airports or train stations. In the real world, we abbreviate the message, yet, want to portray a professional response just in case the reply includes the original email sent from the blackberry! Too much abbreviation does lead to misunderstandings.
Voice clips are a handy way to convey this: the magic that Push To Talk was supposed to have promised...

Our methods of working have never been so teased with such ground-breaking technology. I'd really rather have a piece of paper with a simple list for those reminders, collate my thoughts and reply when its convenient to me.

'Let me get back to you in an hour', 'after lunch', 'by 4pm' are great templates to have in the phone, and then ensuring with our 4 o'clock sugar boost break we reply coherently to these messages on the move. Set these reminders in your phone you could even time them with your 'gratitude' breaks for greater success.

Try it. Its Free.

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