Monday, 23 March 2009

The Art of Writing

Reviewing , and having been a constant tester of the usual new organiser 'games' that manufacturers and software makers play...
I'm tired, I've been played.

When I want to focus clearly on something , it gets done , i write it down and boom. Thanks, we're moving on. What i've tried to do in this series of blogs is incorporate some of the things , that have blocked or created tangents for focussed growth in a number of projects. One's own psyche, especially if you're a product of the Thatcher era. Have come about through an F.U attitude in response to being told what to do ... right from when the lunch time and games that used to go on , when T came along.

YES. Ladies and gentlemen of the 5% of talented people that were promised positions as the creme de la creme of work structures...

We were suckerpunched.

Today's topic, is simply, focus on the 1 main thing. How, jot it down , on any piece of paper, find a pen you love to write with! My niece recently bought a pack of 20! YEAH TWENTY!!! PENS! Roller ball, expensive pens! And, guess who introduced her to using and enjoying different kinds of pens, yeah ... I had a small part to play in that fancy of hers. Still, it came back and has benefited me... and now for another 'guess what' , my colleagues, when wanting to borrow a pen , have not returned it!!! So, I'm on my 3rd pen, issued by my gem of a niece! ... # next time, the paper that she writes on!A lovely notepad, that is a real pleasure to write on.

Oh why oh why have I been cost-cutting in Aldi and the rest, when my inspiration, my strategies, plans and endeavours, are worth countiless ' benefits'!

Take pleasure in planning , in HAND-WRITING! Your future plans, the simple act of creation is the first step in manifestation.

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