Monday, 23 March 2009

How Far to Web 3.0?

How far to Web 3.0?

Time again, for looking at the types of products I've seen on my travels.

Thinking about the value of a slave card, i quickly came to realise that to keep oneself free of bondage, conned custom givers ' consumers'... want peace of mind, even though there is quite a lot involved in then pursuing any claim regarding faulty goods or service albeit a further strain on one's time and energy.

So, sourcing, and building a relationship with one's 'trustees' /network requires the seller to further confirm, provide warranty and/or make up for shortcomings when a product is purchased.

Adding to the STRETCHED-fictitious plethora of benefits and uses relevant to that buyer - what do i as a customer actually want from a product or service? [in the case of a mobile, I really could care less about everything thrown on a mobile if I can't sms on it, or quickly add a calendar entry]. Hence, striving to source, maintain and follow up on a purchase is something that can be done via this new interface.

A handy service for a handier kind of card.

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