Tuesday, 27 January 2009

what is that tune??

A DJ friend had heard a tune and was wondering what this tune was. He emailed me the link and told me it was a jazz soul track, i was intrigued as music is my thing. So i checked out the youtube link.

It was a soft soothing female vocalist jazz track with images of a Zvuri italian leather wallet. I asked him what this wallet was for? as it looked quite good. 'its a smart wallet' he replied.

A smart wallet, how do you mean?

"Apparently, it can hold a blackberry, iphone, nokia, samsung, ericsson and smartphone as well as your credit card and cash," he explaned.

It made me think of the times, i left my phone in the flat and left just with my wallet, not very practical!!

All my music is on my mobile and if this wallet could be the answer then great....

I still dont know the name of the track so if any body can help, please let me know......


All I could make out of the tune, was ' You're very special' ... and yes, Amina Haq certainly is very special!...

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